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Private, Duet and Small classes

spinal extension over exercise ball
Private Pilates Sessions

A 55 minute Pilates session  with 1:1 instruction.  Initial session will include an assessment of posture, mobility, strength, core muscle activation and client goals.  Then a specific Pilates program is designed and implemented to meet the client's exact needs and goals.  Private sessions will use a combination of mat, props, Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, & Chair.   A private session is a great way to get an individualized program with feedback and progressions to match your needs

Barre Classes

This fun class combines elements of dance with a comprehensive and balanced barre workout that is choreographed to music.  No previous dance or Pilates experience is necessary.  Participants may bring their own small hand weights of 1 or 2 pounds to class and all other equipment is provided by instructor.

Reformer Pilates duets

a 55 minute Reformer duet will optimize your musculoskeletal performance, strength, flexibility & endurance  and target your core stability.  Enjoy an invigorating workout with a friend, spouse, relative, or meet a new exercise duet partner. Reformer Pilates workouts will develop balance, alignment, & help you feel fit & revitalized! 




Duet & Semi-private Pilates

A 55 minute session with two people (by appointment) - instructor to clients ratio is 1:2 allowing more personalization of Pilates program than classes and more individual feedback.


Semi-private sessions are ideal for friends, couples, or newcomers to Pilates wishing to learn together.  This type of session is also a good transition from private sessions to classes.  This program requires the two participants attend together and is more suitable for pairs with similar program goals.  A partial assessment is completed on both participants however it is not as individual as in the private assessment.


Restorative Pilates Classes

These classes are suitable for the person who is new to Pilates or is requiring post rehabilitative exercise.  There are 2 classes per week (Tuesday & Thursday).  Twice a week classes is an effective way to learn, integrate, progress and experience the benefits of the Pilates method of exercise. Pilates can continue to advance your rehabilitation program. 

Mat & Props equipment Class:

Mat Pilates exercises can use small equipment props to add challenge, variety, resistance and advance balance and proprioception within the exercises.  The props include: rings, elastic bands, foam rollers, toning balls, large and small exercise balls, body rolling balls, fusion, BOSU, and golf props.  These classes will introduce a variety of different props throughout the sessions. 

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